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The whole art of navigation : in fivebooks.

2900 USD
Newhouse, Captain Daniel. The whole art of navigation : in five
books. Containing I. The principles of navigation and geometry. II.
The principles of astronomy. III. The practical part of navigation.
IV. The description and use of such instruments, as are useful in
taking observations at sea, and therein, the use of a large new
sinical quadrant, performing with more exactness than any yet extant,
all questions relating to navigation ; rendered so easie as to be
understood by the meanest capacity. V. Useful tables in navigation,
wherein those of the suns and stars declination and right ascension,
&c. are newly calculated. The whole delivered in a very easie and
familiar stile, by way of dialogue between a tutor and his scholar. By
Captaine Daniel New-house. London : Printed for Richard Mount, at the
Postern on Tower-Hill, Mdcxcviii. [1698]. 4to., 22 x 16. ([22], 199,
100-124, 121-152, 253-311, [1]; 128, 113-(128 of 131; lacking 2
terminal leaves) Engraved frontispiece, 2 folding charts at pp. 162
and 172, engravings and diagrams in the text, licence leaf before
title, imperfect at end as noted with last two terminal leaves
wanting, first leaf of dedication inlaid and defective with some
words missing, outer margin of licence leaf, title, frontispiece
repaired, lower outer and some upper outer corners defective
throughout most of the book in some cases affecting text, holes in
inner section in a portion at beginning mended, small holes through
pp. 25-30, pp. 261-2 defective, several leaves torn and defective,
outer margins throughout last section brittle and defective. Verso of
first blank with contemporary inscriptions of Matt Thorpe Spalding
Lincolnshire and Thomas Thorpe. Binding: contemporary paneled English
calf, re-backed, head of spine starting top peel, later morocco label.
VERY RARE. Wing N922 records only one copy, OCLC shows 2.